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Thought creates reality

How many realize that while we move through this reality, we continue to create our lives? This important fact really does need to be fully understood if humanity has any chance of re-organising the dangers be presented right now to our global existence. Through thoughtless greed and hidden yet dark manipulation we humans suddenly find ourselves trapped in a diabolical situation. Change must take place if we are going to avoid the destruction of our habitat. In every level of society, we are causing great damage to our planet and most of the species inhabiting the natural world. We are so ignorant of who we are and what we are doing we do not grasp the truth - that we are powerful. This is not known. This is not understood. Until recently nobody has ever voiced such knowledge. How many people know that with every thought we create the next thread of our lives? How many of us understand that thought is a thing? Our thoughts drive our reality, this is how we create! Is this understood? Unfortunately, not by many. Its information that needs to be explained, understood, announced, forewarned. Through thought we create our world. This tells us how powerful our thoughts are; it also confirms the fact that we manifest our reality - we always have! Throughout mankind’s history we have created our world. Through these collective thought patterns, we continue to manifest reality, meaning we really can bring about change! We have the ability to stop the destruction, and introduce a calmer, kinder, more productive lifestyle for everybody - simply by thinking about it. We are the creators, so it is time that collectively we grasped what our capabilities are. As this happens, the dark force that has managed keep this knowledge secret for eons will no longer hold power; we will understand who we are, and what we can do. Eventually compassion and empathy will replace greed and destruction, as we take up our true role as creators of our reality.

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