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There are hidden forces that have always decided what humanity’s worldview will be. This collective system has promoted a very limiting assessment of reality. Through this influence our small ego-self has been led to believe that we humans are in control of nature, of space, of our system and of our selves. This deception allows us to feel secure inside our world, never mind that every one of us will eventually die! This means that our worldview is false. Dr John Mac, the eminent Harvard psychiatrist, understood the harm lurking behind this collective belief system when he wrote of the terror that is created when this materialistic attitude is shattered. The utter fear some people undergo is horrendous. Our small ego-self believes is it in command, so as its mastery is challenged the results can be severe. Surely it is time we recognised that the world we believe we live in is an illusion. By stupidly accepting this flawed assumption we are destroying the very earth that supports us, yet those forces that could begin to shift our beliefs are silent. Why? Perhaps it is being left up to us to acknowledge what is actually happening. If this state we exist in is really just a semblance of matter and this rock-solid density is hiding the fact that we are an energy system, then it is time we allowed a new understanding to colour our world view. It is a tough ask! To let go of our false security, by introducing a new set of beliefs is an enormous challenge. But surely, we have to do it! If the old position holds nothing but the recognition that eventually life ends, then we must look for other philosophical truths. We need to explore our lives at a much deeper level, for the magnitude of this existence holds more than just the controlling drive of the small ego-self. There is much more to discover, even if this promise may seem a little frightening. We do die. The control we think we have can vanish in an instance so surely it is time to explore this life experience a little deeper. This is the change that we are facing now; to become aware of our larger, more complex selves; aware of the power of consciousness; aware of how we create our reality; aware of how we operate outside the body and become aware that we are a collective energy system. if we resist these truths then humanity will be part of the extinction event that is already eliminating much of the natural world.

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