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Watching a film about grey-nomads driving across an endless landscape causes one to ponder this need to be alone; the need to keep moving; the need to make contact with the wilderness, or the need to discard the known for something that holds more promise – but of what? Besides the practicalities of life – food, toilet and the demand to keep the mechanical shelter functional - there is the question of purpose. What is the reason for this type of escape? Maybe such a journey is nothing more than an adventure, but then many on the road have been doing this for years, long past the stage called adventure, or even escape! These ‘Long-Termers’ are there for another reason; one that many would deny if you suggested it to them. They have taken the first step towards discovering an inner world. This inner world of the self is a destination that could be taken in the silence of one’s bedroom, but these nomads have decided to create a pilgrimage … even if they do not realise their journey has a title. Finding one’s inner self; one’s higher self, is a quest that many of us are undertaking. In this way the film touches our heart for in the final scenes we know what this woman is seeking. She appears alone, even lost, swept along the rocky edge of a wild sea, but it is not companionship she craves, it is love. Love of self. Internal love. Transformation! A reality where this sacred love is our central driving force, and joyful peace is the outcome.

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