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Global Threat

The vulnerabilities of mankind are numerous, very complicated, and often hidden, yet we continue to survive. This fact needs to be honoured. One often wonders why we continue to survive when we treat the earth, and each other so badly, so there must be factors that are not immediately obvious. On the plus side, what is clear is how many of us accept that climate change is becoming a problem. International corporations, industries, banks, and many scientific agencies are beginning to support innovative change, yet in most countries, politicians still refuse to act. We all know how volatile this planet is, with a cyclic pattern of solar outbursts that seem to take place approximately every 12,000 years. Randel Carlson confirms how these extremely turbulent events have been occurring on Earth for at least the last 200,000 years. Powerfully dramatic changes to sea levels, with rises and falls in the region of 400/500 feet, huge landmass changes, two or three periods when ice covered vast areas of the planet, melted then reformed. Between 11,000 to 13,000 years ago many very large animal species went extinct as the most current Ice Age began to thaw. Because our sun has been quiet for a long period it seems western civilisation has forgotten the drama of the solar upheavals. The catastrophic flaring that took place approximately 12,000 years tore parts of the Northern hemisphere apart, yet people seem unaware of what took place. Huge floods wiped out populations, causing another short glacial period called the Younger Dryas before further solar volatility allowed the planet to begin to warm and become stable. So over time, – say the last 10,000 years – we have begun to feel safe. Because the sun has been relatively quiet, humanity pushed past memories aside. Once again life on earth began to flourish as people turned their attention to the more positive aspects of progress, now in this age, our amnesia is absolute. There is no memory. Nobody can perceive the destruction that will befall us once the sun wakes up. Surely engineers realise how vulnerable we are, yet there is no protection for the power grids that support our entire culture! The innovation of these last sixty years, with every aspect of our system now reliant on electrical technology, it shows how exposed and endangered we are. If one steps back and surveys the world as it has been over the last 20 to 30 thousand years (a short planetary period) we can see how volatile the northern hemisphere has been, and as everything in the universe is cyclic, one only has to ponder these facts for a moment to realise that once again mankind is heading for disaster. Small societies have always survived, usually by living underground, and it has been reported that there are huge underground facilities in many Western societies. If this is so, then it tells us that at some level of our system, protection is being created. Also, if one considers countries in the Southern Hemisphere, places like Australia, they have an indigenous history that reaches back 60,000 years, so the elimination of cultures do seem to refer to the Northern areas of the globe. Of course, we do not know how, or where the next solar eruption will occur, but according to emerging histories, as archaeology is revealing more and more, we can see how much of the planet will once again be affected. So with the cyclic problems of the earth getting hotter then colder, with the volatility of the sun, and with instability of communities everywhere, we do need to reach back in history and admit this has all happened before. In the dark ages - around 500 to 800 years - there was another planetary catastrophe that almost wiped out humanity. The suggested cause this time was that Earth was hit by two large meteor fragments. It tells us how vulnerable life on this planet really is, and how gratitude for the reality we are now creating is really appropriate - acknowledging how quickly circumstances can change.

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