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Beyond Time

The complex question of time travel occupies a solid place in the exploration of the human psyche. We have been told by experts that ‘time’ as we know it does not exist in realms beyond this dimension. Such a claim is quite challenging to those caught up in the belief that our world is solidly immovable. Traditional scientists, military men, politicians, religious leaders; all will resist any attempt to drag them out of the secure nest built by their forefathers. So, when one begins to speak of past-lives, many inflexible minds will simply close down, what’s more, if we suggest that not only do humans have many past-lives, but because they exist beyond time, all past lives must be experienced simultaneously, many more will turn away in disbelief. These concepts need to be mulled over, picked apart, and approached with care, before an understanding of this illusionary world begins to make sense.

Remembering that the various lives we have lived creates a type of time travel, we can play with dream images, or subtle visualisations because if we begin to recall certain past-life events, in one sense we are naturally moving through time. Styles of dress, behaviour, food, types of shelter all offer clues as to the period of a remembered life. The language used can often denote the country lived in during a particular life. Also, because these past-lives are lodged in our memory, we obviously can return to them again and again, perhaps pondering the relevance of the experience, or attempting to ascertain the impact certain past life events might be having on our present life. There seems to be an agreement among some experts that travelling back through time, remembering lives once lived can help the internal dramas being experienced in this life. Indeed, one can be traumatised by the horrific circumstances lived in the past, but if one stays with the memories, working through the drama, eventually these fearful events will become managed – even overcome.

This has happened to me. In one traumatic life I remembered living in a village somewhere near what is now the German/Denmark border. It must have been many centuries ago, because this township was not part of any system or country. It was a dominion unto itself, with its own strict laws and a group of elders who ruled without mercy. I was a young unmarried woman who had become romantically involved with a married man - a situation absolutely taboo in this village. Somehow our love affair was discovered; there was a trial of sorts, and it was decreed that I was to blame. The decision of the elders was that I should be banished, be driven away from the village by a chosen group of men who were given permission to act in any way they thought fit. I remember being terrified as I ran into the forest. They chased after me, and eventually I was violently and sexually destroyed.

Once remembered, that past life filled me with horror. Day after day I methodically went through all I could remember, always becoming panic stricken as the men caught me and began their torture. As I rationalised the problem, I tried to accept that I was only dealing with a memory. Then one night as I struggled with the forest images, I had a profound insight! I saw why we are here! I understood what our purpose is as we move through life. We are the creators of our lives. Through thought we create our experiences; this is what this dimension is about, assisting us to learn and grow through experience. As I realised this, I also understood that if I created such a horrendous death, then I had the power to intervene. I could make adjustments. Bizarre as this sounds, I understood the total drama and complexity of living in this illusionary world. My mind went back to the moments before the villagers caught up with me and suddenly I became aware of a different section of the scene. I saw that I was near a large clump of bushes and crawling out from underneath this wilderness, was an odd-looking man. Very dirty, clothed in a sort of rough tunic, with no shoes, and wild hair. He beckoned to me, and without hesitation I followed him into the thicket. These events were spontaneous, I had not tried to invent anything. This man, this saviour, was a deaf mute who lived alone in the forest. Although handicapped he was very wise, quite able to survive in the wild. Via signs and grunts he showed that he was happy to help me. My memory did not create anything more. I was saved, and helped by a deaf mute, so the pain of that torturous death was no longer a part of that life.

This odd, yet remarkable experience reveals important aspects of what our lives here are all about. Our existence on this planet is a construct. We create a constant, ongoing set of experiences, and because we are in control, we can visualise outcomes, we can alter circumstances, or we can simply plod along accepting whatever befalls us. Once we are able to widen our awareness everything that we thought we knew, no longer applies. No wonder some do not want to explore these outer realms because all known belief is suddenly threatened, but on the other hand, there can be amazement and delight in this new state of awareness.

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