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Are Wierd New Ideas True?

There is a section of humanity that will probably always remain isolated because their beliefs are considered too weird by most who associate with them. By suggesting that humans live more than one life and that there is life after death these people tend to cause most of us to doubt their ability to use critical logic; they seem somehow weak-minded for holding such views. People usually feel uneasy when they hear such claims, withdrawing in haste, not wanting to be involved. But perhaps this is an oversight! Perhaps these oddballs hold fragments of a truth for surely there are equally strange beliefs held by the church-going faithful; fantastical stories that are universally revered. It is a dilemma. Some say that the mighty tide of collective thought is beginning to turn. Knowledge is being released concerning consciousness and its primal role in all of existence; new information includes a different understanding of how the body functions. It suggests that our physical bodies are like complex machines built so humanity can function in this dimension; also, data claims that time is a movement of matter; there are demands to understand the ramifications of reincarnation and what it means to experience the range and breadth of living many lives. There is so many new claims in this time of change, nevertheless, the majority of us will not show much interest, even if more and more information about this 3rd dimension is released. Our focus will always be on our daily existence, how to survive, how to succeed, how to find a partner, how to love, to hate, to win, to lose. We react this way because these events have an immediate effect and are therefore the most important aspect of our existence. Perhaps as we age, and when death becomes more of a threat, we may begin to ask new questions - perhaps?

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