Our Physical Scoreboard

As mentioned in my last blog, I have been exploring the idea that we experience our physical bodies in order to grow, learn and expand. One goal is to become an expanded field of consciousness; another it to learn that we are Love. As I explore these well-founded ideas, fully accepted now in many quarters, I have recognised that these bodies we inhabit can be used as a register for areas of stress that we need to understand and eliminate. By this I mean that our physicality is a type of register, or score board. It records the trials and joys, we experience in our lives, meaning these events are registered somewhere in the body. As an example: perhaps some deeply suppressed rage may vibrate violently through a certain set of cells. As a result, this negative emotion may eventually cause a physical malfunction. Under such stress, cells could begin to break down, they could mass together in some type of cancer forming disease; or perhaps people with rigid, restrictive, fear-born attitudes might cause stiffness somewhere in the body which may eventually be diagnosed as arthritis, some terrible nerve disease, or perhaps eventually show up as an accident. These are simply suggestions. I have no idea exactly how illness, and injury occur, although I have my own set of illnesses that reflect attitudes, feelings and behaviors that I have created throughout my life.  Blocked heart arteries, hip replacement due to arthritis, just to name a few. So I suspect that the way the body absorbs our feelings gives us an opportunity to analyse and make adjustments. Our physicality enables us to record a multitude of difficulties that might eventually become the basis of an illness. This could not happen in dimensions where we exist as a field of consciousness, so living inside a body of matter gives us amazing advantages, even though illness causes pain. If we can step out of our fear and start to be guided by our illness we would benefit greatly. So many of us fear death. It does seem to be the end result of many of our most horrible illnesses, but once we can accept that dying in this dimension is simply letting go of the body- that in truth it is an illusion! We do not die, we continue to exist as consciousness – then we can begin to use illness as a guideline, and discover the emotional states that are holding back our development.

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