Mirrored Dimensions

The following description is how I experience the shimmering anomaly we know as reality, but these are only words – how it really is beyond anything I can describe. Anyway this is how I see it!

As a body, we vibrate at various frequencies. As we shift through dimensions our vibratory rate alters. We are never still. As an energy system, we are constantly vibrating, shifting and transferring. We live amid a conglomerate of dimensions which mirror each other, meaning we have no way to pin point who the ‘self’ is unless we turn inward and interact with our inner being. So, we move through various mirror images, which are like layers or dimensions of the identity we are projecting at this time. Because we are constantly vibrating or moving from one layer to the next we mirror back feelings, knowledge, experience, illness, joy, creativity, depression and a trillion other states of being from one reflection to another, constantly mirroring back and forth as our field of energy transmits to the surrounding realities. With each breath, we are somebody new, and this interaction as we vibrate back and forth allows a continuum to be experienced. We never stop, we reflect our states of being between these mirrored layers which we think of as solid and fixed, and we overlap and interact with our friends in this same way. These are transparent realities. We reflect through each other and through ourselves. Once we can grasp the fact that we are a reflection then we can begin to understand the complexity of our life, and if we let go of thinking we are constantly the same person, solidly fixed with an unbroken past, and a predictable future we will break free from the illusion we live in.



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