Merging with other lives



As energy, we are constantly vibrating; constantly interacting with the various filaments of ourselves. Although most of us are unaware of of how we really function, we are constantly weaving in and out of the many dimensions of ‘the self’. At a certain level, far below the conscious mind, but still of great influence to our reality, we experience our friends in this same way, interacting, overlapping and harmonizing with a multitude of vibrating energies, distorting their world as we see it through our eyes, and automatically merging with their frequencies levels whenever we tune into their bandwidth. We judge them, we play with them, we love or hate them, and all this emotion is threaded through our reality. These are transparent realities that we move through,  surrounded by a multiplicity of probable realities, but such subconscious interactions are hardly noticed on the surface of our lives. Nevertheless, once we can grasp the fact that much of who we think we are is a nothing more than a transparency and that identity is ego based, then we can begin to understand the complexity of our life. We are not the solidly fixed, predicable person we think we are, and to add to this complexity, the life we are presently aware of is not the only life we are living. As Krishnamurti and many other tell us – we are living all our lives at once

A bold statement, and one which I have struggled with for years.  Yet once we understand the vagaries of time and space this statement becomes a little easier to accept. Looking at this question from a scientific perspective, they have begun to accept that in this reality, the mind processes events along a linear timeline; indeed, we could say the mind creates time for beyond this realm time/space does not exist. These are claims many people have refused to embrace, but then let’s not forget that we are energy, and as such we continually evolve through many layers of existence. Thousands of people remember their past lives, but naturally, because their thoughts are being processes in this 3rd dimensional reality, their memory is linear. When reviewing their past lives they are sure that a life lived in the 15th century must come before a life lived during the 1st world war, or a life lived around the time of Jesus must have taken place long before men walked on the moon, but once we move away from this realm we find that each life is being lived concurrently within its own field of energy. This complex layering system is built inside millions of energy fields; some spiraling around each other, others fitting together like a geometric series of boxes, one inside the other and all pulsing as if breathing. Sometimes the frequencies of these fields overlap, sometimes they collide or merge, but in the main these fields vibrate on their own bandwidth within the realm of probability. We solidify a reality when we consciousness think about it so everything we has an element of intangibility to it.

For those of us who have the imaginative ability to move through or across these realms we can view our lives outside of time. In each life, we will find an aspect of’ the self’ that has been created to develop a particular reality. All of these lives are personified by one’s higher self, and all of them create a life experience that enables us to develop an awareness of who and what we are. There is no such thing as karma, it is simply the see-saw effect of the lives we choose to lead, for very often we live through both aspects of a situation. Once we can accept this it is a little easier to understand how each of our lives can dovetail into the life we are leading here. We can be emotionally effected here and now, not only by the events of this life, but also by other lives. It is helpful to recognise how those other experiences can actually instigate events in our present reality. Everything is connected. Everything is as it should be. Our other lives can be viewed as completely separate, or as experiences that can influence this life – it is our choice. If we are willing to consider these ideas, then we can use our imagination to guide us towards an intimate and profound healing.

I make this statement because I personally have had enormous assistance. For years, I have knowledge and information about a few of my other lives, but usually when I viewed these events they felt a little like scenes in a movie. Then one night when I saw myself as a brutal captain of a sailing ship, I was able to understand enough of his life to have a sad feeling of forgiveness – so even though I was shocked, I managed to accept him and with great feeling I envisioned wrapping my arms around this bully. There was such an outpouring of love and grief it was as if this make-believe event of compassion had really happened. I sat with this experience for months not knowing how to interact with characters in my other lives. Also around this time, I began to fully understand the power of the heart. By learning how to drop down into my heart and by learning how to listen to its wisdom I have begun to be guided by this beautiful intelligence. I have also noticed that when I become stressed or intellectually dogmatic the heart’s message is drowned out by this emotional noise. Compassion and love are the by-lines of the heart’s manifesto and with this new understanding, I have been able to once again interact with myself in my other lives. Now I simply overlay my heart in this reality with myself there, and in each case when contact is made I feel waves of love and joy which lasts for many hours. In one traumatic life I saw how I was isolated in the Canadian wilderness, my trapper husband had disappeared, and I was unable to provide for my children. In this life I was in a deep almost unreachable depression so it took many tries before I could awaken her heart. But when I eventually made contact it was like I had reached someone on a telephone.  I was able to speak with her, calm her, indicate that she was not forgotten, and that her children’s love would sustain her. I felt an immediate change in her so I continued to merge our hearts.  I know she will die out there in the wildness, and that her children will learn how to survive, but when she does die love will surround her instead of the deadened coldness of her emotional state before we made contact.

These experiences have fired up my present life. I’m excited by the knowledge that we can influence lives we are living in other realities and I am grateful to be able to interact with my higher self in this way. These current experiences have confirmed my intuitive understanding about the fragile nature of these other worlds. They exist only if we can move out of the density of this reality and begin to use our imagination, our inner vision and our intuition to perceive realms that are so close they are but a heartbeat from us. To be able to drop down into our heart and trust this intelligence is the key to opening the door to the soul, and the experience of  Unconditional Love can be the result.



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