Group Mind – The Power of Thought

The various realities we exist in have been set in place by the belief system of various group-minds and these collectives are powerful states of conditioning. Robert Monroe and others have reported back that when a person crosses into the Afterlife their thoughts usually take them into the reality that most suits their belief system. These way-showers also explain that what happens there also happens here. ‘As above, so below’ – as the saying goes.  So this idea of collective thought building various realities reveals the absolute power of thought.

We need to be really mindful of this, because our minds never stop thinking.  The power of thought is an important part of this 3rd density reality, for the group mind manages to create many conflicting realities. Our family situation will make sure that from babyhood onward we accept the same group mind that is experienced by our family but as we develop we often become uneasy. Some of us discover that there are many different sets of beliefs and this realisation challenges our conditioning.  We suffer a crisis that forces us to turn away from the beliefs of the family, of school, of our friends, and sometime even of the society we live in. 

It is interesting to note that some of us who are rejecting certain beliefs and conditioning might be answering another call. This is where individual traits, and deep and profound inner knowledge rises to the surface of consciousness. It’s where freedom begins, and it is here that we need to begin to explore the idea that we are unique. That deep within our being there is a magnificent self that once released will colour our view of life. Unfortunately, some people cannot make this transition because they either fit nicely into their family’s belief system, or they are overwhelmed by such a strong group mind that escape is impossible, but for most of us, there will be an opportunity before we die of exploring who we really are. By turning inward, we will discover the colourful pieces of the puzzle that go to form ‘the self’. We realise we are not our body, we are much more; we realise we are not our mind or our intellectual process, we are much more and once we can ‘see’ how we respond to our ego, to our mind, to our body, then we have the chance – via the masses of information now being released – to feel freedom.

For centuries humanity lived in terror  of death, but this is changing as more and more people tell us death is just a transition of consciousness. If we can accept that living here in this 3rd density is a type of training ground then we can move beyond this all-encompassing dread. To know we are here in this body, creating this reality in order to learn and experience various outcomes, will perhaps eliminate some of our expectations and fears.

We are young souls. We have much to learn before we can move into a reality where thought drives reality. In such a state thought means instant manifestation of what is being thought and it also mean mental telepathy is automatic. Imagine such an existence. It would/will demand an ability to function in ways we cannot image yet. We are here in this reality to learn to focus, to learn intention; to learn to exercise mental control, meaning we are here to learn how to use thought in a totally new way. Letting go of the ego, learning to merge into the collective, learning to communicate with our soul, and learning to love who we are – this is why we are here. This is the classroom we all inhabit here in this 3rd dimension. Nevertheless, many of us still wonder why we are here. The Peggy Lee song ‘Is This All There Is?’ used to torment me when I was a kid, because it seemed to be so true, yet I loathed the idea. Intuitively I felt there had to be more! Eventually I bumped up against the reductionist group-mind that promoted the emptiness in that song. It was part of a silly belief about the pointlessness of life; then there was another that preached the doctrine that death was the end of everything, and still others who warned us about hell and a dark and punishing god who loomed overhead.  There are ancient, very rigid doctrines embedded in this type of group-mind so people need enormous courage to break free. Although there are many cultures still locked inside these collective mind traps, there is burgeoning awareness of the huge lie that has haunted mankind for centuries. There is hope! People are throwing off these ugly folk-tales and dogmas. As this happens and people begin to grasp the amount of learning that is ahead a powerful awakening occurs.

I have already mentioned that this is a time when individual traits, and deep and profound inner knowledge rises. Once this occurs we begin to understand why we must experience thousands of lives in order to understand consciousness. We start to grasp why we are here, who we really are, what wonders lie ahead, how unique we are and how precious this 3rd Dimensional life really is. Suddenly it all makes sense. We are here to experience the widest and most demanding range of life changing events in order to expand and move to the next stage of development. We are here to learn – and strange as it may seem – the body can become a register for much that we need to work on. Life in this dimension is full of contradiction and paradox so when one says we are more than our body – we are – but on the other hand the body is a vital part of our growth. It records our difficulties in the form of illness, or our successes in the form of pleasure. So, although we are energy, not matter, while we exist in this world of matter we can use our physicality as a guide. If we are aware enough we can read our bodies – use them as guides, use them to gain more information about who we are and what we feel. Because we are here on this plane to develop thought in its various forms – manifestation, telepathy, intention, intuition and so much more – using the tools of this dimension to access the deep realms of our being is a really wise thing to do. More and more of us are waking up to this opportunity, and by doing much of the work here, while living in the 3rd dimension, we are giving ourselves the chance to move quickly through the many layers and dimensions of consciousness once we have graduated.

The full power of thought, and all its ramifications, is beyond most of us, but more and more people are learning how to use it. They are moving into other fields of consciousness through OBEs, NDEs, meditations, visualisations and a host of amazing experiences that have expanded their knowledge. These way-showers are breaking down the barriers of conditioning and limitation by offering us vital information. They are sharing their knowledge, giving the rest of us methods we need in order to enter a much higher level of existence, and I thank them so much!




















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