Beyond Identity

Jurgen Ziewe – – is another person making this journey beyond identity. I listened to an interview he did with Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump fame, and most of what he was describing I too am experiencing, except that Jurgen has taken a further immense and supreme leap towards transformation – something we need to understand fully.

To begin, he spoke about how he used to be dissatisfied with mediation. In a weird way I felt a deep relief. I was thankful for his honesty. This was because I too changed my focus when mediation was not giving me the expanse I was seeking. These days I simply go into a state where I make contact with ‘A Presence’. I even know that this sacred, wise and divine presence is my Higher Self. The phenomena I first knew as the All Pervading Intelligence all those years ago, is indeed my higher self (Soul). Jurgen Ziewe seems to have a similar experience and although he is much  further along on his journey, his profound occurrences seemed to have taken place over a time period similar to mine – around forty years. Again,  I find this helpful. We all need to know, or be reassured that we are on the right path.

It was during a recent experience, as he moved into a vital, very important state of being, that Jurgen began to feel really fearful.  He had gone into retreat and in this isolation he began to understand he was facing the knowledge that soon he would lose his identity. Knowing this, as the abyss opened up, he was afraid to enter. Afterwards, as his meditative state faded, Jurgen felt ashamed because of what he perceived as cowardice. The thing that he had been working towards all his life, had been offered but he had backed away in fear. This fear is so understandable. Many seekers speak about the challengers faced as they move towards enlightenment. Anyway, very gradually Jurgen was guided toward merging into this new state.  It seems that he is now living in the same type of reality as Susan Segal  (and many others).  The ego has gone and with it any awareness of identity.

I found Jurgen Ziewe’s commentary profoundly helpful because I am just on the outside of such an experience. There is a full understanding of what is involved but I guess I have to do it my way. For instance, during my pondering today, as I thought about Jurgen’s experience, I found myself facing a door in my heart. It was open and I could see out beyond the entrance but all there was, was space. I was looking at eternity and I could feel how dangerous this was. To step out into nothing, into eternity, would annihilate me. It was the perfect image for loss of self, loss of identity, loss of all that I know as an ego. I looked out into this emptiness and knew what others mean when they talk about the abyss. But using Jurgen’s experience,  as a helpful guide eased him into his new state, I feel perhaps – once I get the courage to step out into eternity – that I too will be guided, that I will not die or disappear; that it won’t be the frightful experience I am fearing as I contemplate my next step.

Another insight has just been triggered by Jurgen Ziewe’s conversation with Rick Archer. I now realise that my visualisations are equivalent insights gained in the out of the body experiences. I don’t know how many people have these intuitive insights which, through visualisation provide a metaphor which give’s vital information that had been locked away behind one’s mental barrier. Listening to both William Buhlman and Jurgen when they explain that their explorations of other realms – as they move through their OBE – gives them understanding via what appears to be a real event, but is in fact a living metaphor, tells me our guidance is very similar. My visualisations have always given me enormous insight. The newest one – the door in my heart for instance – is a metaphor for entering the emptiness of loss of self.

The insight given us by Jurgen Ziewe and others assures us that ego death is not the end of one’s life in this reality. I think this knowledge is profoundly important for the ones following in such esteemed footsteps. Without doubt, more and more of us are reaching out towards this pinnacle; a phenomena I believe is living proof of the change humanity is now experiencing.





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