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For the past few months the small ‘me’ has felt increasingly trapped inside this body of flesh and bone, but occasionally another lighter, more translucent, spiralling energy has been able to lift me into a new state of awareness. Functioning inside such opposing selves has given me insight into how dense and severe our daily world can be.  It has become obvious that this 3rd dimensional reality has entrapped us, smothering our ability to know who we really are. I cannot claim to be free of this suffocation but having had contact with such exquisite lightness, I know  what is possible. Of course, my heart by-pass operation has crystallised what used to be just a vague yet threatening impression of a hidden darkness, nevertheless I can confirm here that if we can bring about a change to our lives we will all discover a divine state of grace

I am finding that operating from my heart centre is a vital part of this lifting, whirling experience. By breathing deeply, dropping awareness down into my heart, feeling this ever-present expanding love, I can begin to move into a state of joy.  This experience was lost to me for awhile after my operation, but once again I am able work with the energy of my inner life.  These sensations are stimulated by an alteration in breathing, so it becomes slower and much deeper. This then lifts my level of frequency, raising vibration, moving me into a different awareness. Such a state or ability is available to all of us.  It can occur as we move into our heart centre and begin to raise our vibratory level; it can alter our inner vision; it can eliminate all awareness of physicality, both environmental and physical and it can move us into a field of loving consciousness so divine it moves beyond language.

Here I am not talking flow, or what the philosopher Mihaly Csikszent and many others have written about. In his thesis Mihaly is examines to the root cause of happiness, investigating the human condition with regards to ecstatic experiences.  Consequently, his term ‘flow’ is now becoming part of a new language of transformation being used by many philosophical investigators. Flow springs from a state of being where one is so transformed by one’s creative flow that one loses contact with everyday awareness. Maslow called this a ‘peak experience’. It is when we begin to feel non-existent as we merge with our creative force. I have been transfixed in this way more than once. Time disappears, self-awareness disappears, and one becomes part of what is being created. It’s a transformative experience and it would be wonderful if we could all move in and out of this level of awareness but it is not what I am talking about here.

What I feel we need to try to experience is a reality where we enter a state of ecstasy as we lift into an overwhelmingly passionate state of joy; where everything is transformed into the field of Love and we begin to know who we really are. By experiencing this elusive divine self our concept of reality is altered for ever. This is too vast for me to even describe for it is beyond this 3rd density existence. Within our everyday life we can enjoy the magnificence of creativity, but we are still trapped in this realm. At this higher level we move away from our physicality and experience our personal field of divine energy. We discover who we are, and it is cosmic. This changes our consciousness for ever even if we are still living in this world.

If we, as Humanity, are to bring about change, moving to a finer level of existence then we need to become aware of our divinity – dare I say … God.  We have the power. We are in charge. Down through the ages we have always allowed life to simply roll on, always giving way to what has been done in the past, always knowing that this is normality, this is our reality, this is how it will always be. Through a collective agreement we continue to create the societies we live in therefore everything always stays the same. But with full understanding of our power we can bring about change by altering this overall thought form. Mankind can alter its frequency. We humans can raise our vibratory rate, thereby lifting ourselves out of this present density. We can choose to do this. For the first time in eons there are enough of us on the planet to break free of the old ways. There are many teachers now showing us various methods of raising consciousness. It does not mean the entire human population must do this! No! If a certain percentage of us can alter our conscious state, this will collapse the status quo creating a new collective human agreement and the illusion we live in will change. Raising our consciousness in order to discover our divinity is what is being asked of most people reading this blog. We do not need to turn to the next person demanding they act, all it needs is for each of us to begin the process of altering our own frequency, thereby raising the overall vibration of everybody.

There are warnings that if this change does not occur, the dreadful damage we have done to both our planet and to each other will cause a catastrophe. Science is aware that a mass extinction event is overdue. The Humanity has collapsed like this before. There have been other mass extinctions, and now we are again in trouble, but this time there does seem to be a growing awareness of the power we possess. We can lift ourselves up to a new level. We can change our state of consciousness. There is still time.


























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