The Power of Words


The last day of 2017.  A year I am determined to put behind me because the heart by-pass operation has caused another bout of panic, giving me a renewed awareness of the torment one can suffer if out of touch with one’s deeper self. The physical and emotional shock of the operation opened up old wounds; a chasm of fear that so many of us are trying to deal with was spilling out its horror, making me realise all over again just how dangerous this state is. Fear will induce more fear so one becomes a victim of one’s own thought process, but I knew fear could not exist in the same sphere as love, so I was valiantly trying to remain centred in my heart. It was not working very well, and my doctor was pushing me to start a course of anti-depressant medication, but just at this vital juncture the publisher sent me copies of my book ‘A Small Book of Comfort’. In my fear-based state, the simple reminder that I had written an entire book dealing with depression, anxiety and panic attacks seemed quite bizarre but as I opened the book I was filled with delight for I realised that each dialogue, although written by me, had been developed from insights that stemmed from a far more profound and cosmic intelligence. For some reason I had been given methods of assistance that were universal. As I realised the healing power of the text was available to anybody I began to absorb what was written – and was instantly helped. I know this must sound strange, that someone might use their own book as a source of healing, but this is what is happening. By simply reading the book at times of stress I am well on the way to recovery – without pills! Like a healing balm, surges of joy and happiness can overwhelm me, and familiar feelings of universal love are once again available at any time. Of course, these indicators are allowing me to leave the fear behind, nevertheless it does show how some of us, living in this 3rd dimensional world can be constantly challenged and my heart goes out to all those who are struggling.

This is not a sales pitch nor a promotional gimmick, the synchronicity of a heart attack, a by-pass operation then a bout of anxiety co-existing alongside the release of my book is a pivotal experience. I am being helped and now have a passionate wish that others might receive the same.


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