The Dimensions of Consciousness


I posted this quote by Robert Munroe on face-book: “We are expressions of energy. Consciousness is focused energy. Energy focused is exponential. Consciousness is a form of energy at work – end quote: The feedback told me that these ideas were beyond some people’s comprehension, which has led me to write this blog. When Munroe says that our consciousness is focused energy, his idea goes a long way towards describing something that science still cannot grasp – consciousness as focused energy, and as this intensity of energy gathers into one focal point, it could be called ‘consciousness’.  He is saying that as this energy increases in its power and extent it forms what we know as consciousness and that consciousness is energy at work. If we can accept that we are a conglomerate of energy crossing many dimensional barriers, then we can start to see how consciousness is the focal point keeping the interplay of energy within a workable structure.

In my meditations, I have begun to comprehend the complex filament system that exists within the human structure. We have a multitude of interacting layers of energy, from the very physical third density, through to the fragile, transient, ephemeral dimensions that seem to flicker and alternate even as my awareness touches them. So, we are a massive energy system which is constantly merging with a multitude of other energetic forms and as Robert Munroe has pointed out – the focal point is consciousness.

This next comment may not seem relevant, but stay with me. Yesterday I listened to a man describing what he had obviously experienced. Hmm ….. as I listened I asked myself, how can we dismiss this when so much of what we thought was impossible is now demanding our attention? He spoke about the complex structure of alien space ships. He said that some of these ships exist across dimensions, explaining that the outside of the ship may appear in one dimension, but inside it exists on another level (or on many levels). This reminded me of Dr Who’s phone box. Small on the outside but once inside it becomes enormous. This man said that their ships can exist in more than one dimension and that the fluid nature of the surrounding energy can overwhelm a solid three-dimensional body. The mind-expanding descriptions of how some technology can operate in realities beyond this solid third dimension is both exciting and challenging because this information is telling us to move our minds past what we doggedly believe is real. Also, this ‘experiencer’ of alien technology commented on the fact that these advanced beings have the ability to bend time/space, altering time at will; also they can meddle with the holographic state of our reality, which is a little unnerving.  In the past, these science fictional concepts have been almost impossible to comprehend, but letting go of society’s rigid perceptions enables us to accept much of what Quantum Physics is telling us, so that time, space, energy fields, even brain structure takes on a new truth

To emphasis this point about the brain, consciousness, and our multilayered reality, Science tells us…and I quote: Using mathematics in a novel way in neuroscience, the Blue Brain Project demonstrates that the brain operates on many dimensions, not just the three dimensions we are accustomed to. They have uncovered a universe of multi- dimensional geometrical structures and spaces within the networks of the brain – up to eleven dimensions.

I guess none of this matters as we live out our daily lives, but once one moves out of this reality – via meditation, OBE, NDE, or visualisations, one is given the opportunity to expand one’s understanding of how this mysterious world works. We are constantly moving in and out of our multidimensional world and I feel that knowing this can help us unravel the mysteries of who we are and perhaps how to open up to the divine aspect pulsating behind everything.