Group Mind – The Power of Thought

The various realities we exist in have been set in place by the belief system of various group-minds and these collectives are powerful states of conditioning. Robert Monroe and others have reported back that when a person crosses into the Afterlife their thoughts usually take them into the reality that most suits their belief system. These way-showers also explain that what happens there also happens here. ‘As above, so below’ – as the saying goes.  So this idea of collective thought building various realities reveals the absolute power of thought.

We need to be really mindful of this, because our minds never stop thinking.  The power of thought is an important part of this 3rd density reality, for the group mind manages to create many conflicting realities. Our family situation will make sure that from babyhood onward we accept the same group mind that is experienced by our family but as we develop we often become uneasy. Some of us discover that there are many different sets of beliefs and this realisation challenges our conditioning.  We suffer a crisis that forces us to turn away from the beliefs of the family, of school, of our friends, and sometime even of the society we live in. 

It is interesting to note that some of us who are rejecting certain beliefs and conditioning might be answering another call. This is where individual traits, and deep and profound inner knowledge rises to the surface of consciousness. It’s where freedom begins, and it is here that we need to begin to explore the idea that we are unique. That deep within our being there is a magnificent self that once released will colour our view of life. Unfortunately, some people cannot make this transition because they either fit nicely into their family’s belief system, or they are overwhelmed by such a strong group mind that escape is impossible, but for most of us, there will be an opportunity before we die of exploring who we really are. By turning inward, we will discover the colourful pieces of the puzzle that go to form ‘the self’. We realise we are not our body, we are much more; we realise we are not our mind or our intellectual process, we are much more and once we can ‘see’ how we respond to our ego, to our mind, to our body, then we have the chance – via the masses of information now being released – to feel freedom.

For centuries humanity lived in terror  of death, but this is changing as more and more people tell us death is just a transition of consciousness. If we can accept that living here in this 3rd density is a type of training ground then we can move beyond this all-encompassing dread. To know we are here in this body, creating this reality in order to learn and experience various outcomes, will perhaps eliminate some of our expectations and fears.

We are young souls. We have much to learn before we can move into a reality where thought drives reality. In such a state thought means instant manifestation of what is being thought and it also mean mental telepathy is automatic. Imagine such an existence. It would/will demand an ability to function in ways we cannot image yet. We are here in this reality to learn to focus, to learn intention; to learn to exercise mental control, meaning we are here to learn how to use thought in a totally new way. Letting go of the ego, learning to merge into the collective, learning to communicate with our soul, and learning to love who we are – this is why we are here. This is the classroom we all inhabit here in this 3rd dimension. Nevertheless, many of us still wonder why we are here. The Peggy Lee song ‘Is This All There Is?’ used to torment me when I was a kid, because it seemed to be so true, yet I loathed the idea. Intuitively I felt there had to be more! Eventually I bumped up against the reductionist group-mind that promoted the emptiness in that song. It was part of a silly belief about the pointlessness of life; then there was another that preached the doctrine that death was the end of everything, and still others who warned us about hell and a dark and punishing god who loomed overhead.  There are ancient, very rigid doctrines embedded in this type of group-mind so people need enormous courage to break free. Although there are many cultures still locked inside these collective mind traps, there is burgeoning awareness of the huge lie that has haunted mankind for centuries. There is hope! People are throwing off these ugly folk-tales and dogmas. As this happens and people begin to grasp the amount of learning that is ahead a powerful awakening occurs.

I have already mentioned that this is a time when individual traits, and deep and profound inner knowledge rises. Once this occurs we begin to understand why we must experience thousands of lives in order to understand consciousness. We start to grasp why we are here, who we really are, what wonders lie ahead, how unique we are and how precious this 3rd Dimensional life really is. Suddenly it all makes sense. We are here to experience the widest and most demanding range of life changing events in order to expand and move to the next stage of development. We are here to learn – and strange as it may seem – the body can become a register for much that we need to work on. Life in this dimension is full of contradiction and paradox so when one says we are more than our body – we are – but on the other hand the body is a vital part of our growth. It records our difficulties in the form of illness, or our successes in the form of pleasure. So, although we are energy, not matter, while we exist in this world of matter we can use our physicality as a guide. If we are aware enough we can read our bodies – use them as guides, use them to gain more information about who we are and what we feel. Because we are here on this plane to develop thought in its various forms – manifestation, telepathy, intention, intuition and so much more – using the tools of this dimension to access the deep realms of our being is a really wise thing to do. More and more of us are waking up to this opportunity, and by doing much of the work here, while living in the 3rd dimension, we are giving ourselves the chance to move quickly through the many layers and dimensions of consciousness once we have graduated.

The full power of thought, and all its ramifications, is beyond most of us, but more and more people are learning how to use it. They are moving into other fields of consciousness through OBEs, NDEs, meditations, visualisations and a host of amazing experiences that have expanded their knowledge. These way-showers are breaking down the barriers of conditioning and limitation by offering us vital information. They are sharing their knowledge, giving the rest of us methods we need in order to enter a much higher level of existence, and I thank them so much!




















Mirrored Dimensions

The following description is how I experience the shimmering anomaly we know as reality, but these are only words – how it really is beyond anything I can describe. Anyway this is how I see it!

As a body, we vibrate at various frequencies. As we shift through dimensions our vibratory rate alters. We are never still. As an energy system, we are constantly vibrating, shifting and transferring. We live amid a conglomerate of dimensions which mirror each other, meaning we have no way to pin point who the ‘self’ is unless we turn inward and interact with our inner being. So, we move through various mirror images, which are like layers or dimensions of the identity we are projecting at this time. Because we are constantly vibrating or moving from one layer to the next we mirror back feelings, knowledge, experience, illness, joy, creativity, depression and a trillion other states of being from one reflection to another, constantly mirroring back and forth as our field of energy transmits to the surrounding realities. With each breath, we are somebody new, and this interaction as we vibrate back and forth allows a continuum to be experienced. We never stop, we reflect our states of being between these mirrored layers which we think of as solid and fixed, and we overlap and interact with our friends in this same way. These are transparent realities. We reflect through each other and through ourselves. Once we can grasp the fact that we are a reflection then we can begin to understand the complexity of our life, and if we let go of thinking we are constantly the same person, solidly fixed with an unbroken past, and a predictable future we will break free from the illusion we live in.



Is Consciousness an Inter Dimensional Computer?

Historically, mankind has produced many men of vision  (some even attached to religion) who have described the illusion we are living in as a dream or a hologram. The present batch of these wise men seem to be mostly coming from Science; physicists who have crunched the numbers and now predict that this reality is a hologram, a assimilation, or a computer program, and that the game within this simulated universe is the drama of consciousness. It has been suggested that consciousness is a computer, and coded into it is a complete download of all the information we need to function in this machination we call life.

I have written about this virtual reality before, relieved that I have a scientific explanation to back up my intuition. Strangely, I have always known that the world we thought of as just one, big, solid, real universe, was not what it seemed, but I could never express it, for it felt intangible – just too fleeting to grasp. But in the 90s, as I began to understand a little about quantum physics, my inner knowing simply exploded into a hard truth. People were claiming the world was a hologram. I did not fully understand holographic mechanics, but the basic inference seemed to be saying, it’s not real! Then I read about Lester Levenson’s experiences. He talked about the fact we are living in a dream, and because his story was so mystically profound it filled my heart with hope. Maybe we were going to be able to understand where we were, who we were, and what our reason was for dreaming this dream. Lester spoke about the illusion we live in, and that in this simulated world we create our reality. I mentally played with this idea of a dream-state, and although Lester Levenson became a sort of guru for me, I was not really satisfied to be describing reality as a dream. He was able to create a pathway through my daily chaos by explaining that because we created our reality we needed to become responsible for every action and every choice we made. He also knew that the end result of living in this dream was to discover the meaning of love. The work he did on his inner-self as he opened up to all these understanding actually healed his body, so he really did create a new way of looking at the world. Nevertheless, I have continued to explore the realms of consciousness, trying to match my inner vision with the constant wealth of information now flooding through from scientific discoveries as well of those who have experienced OBEs and NDEs.

The idea that this reality we live in is some type of complex program, similar to a hyper dimensional computer program, helped make sense of my inner knowing. Thomas Campbell has put forward an exciting idea that suggests that what we know as consciousness could be a complex computer, designed by some type of super being(s). If consciousness is a computer it is not as we know the technology for it will be far more intelligent than anything humanity could conceive of. Still, this simplistic imagery works for me because in my inner-eye I see multiple dimensions; millions of energy fields; some spiraling around each other, others fitting together like a geometric series of boxes, one inside the other and all usually pulsing as if breathing. Many of these realities overlap, and for those who have the vision to move through or across them, they are able to view their reality from many viewpoints all at once. Past, present and future are presented as one stream of thought, and also there is an  awareness of multiple choices in multiple  fields of energy. Although I know this, I have not consciously experienced it but I’m pleased to say this imagery was confirmed when I read about William Buhlman’s work. For years he has been recording his ‘out of body’ experiences, and he speaks about his many selves on many levels he moved through a multitude of dimensions. Also he realised that many of the scenarios he lived through in this OBE state revealed symbolic messages for his own growth. I found William’s writings exciting for his experiences fitted with what I was picturing. They confirmed what I believe – that this complex structure is a gift, and if we can muddle through this maze, our awareness will lift to heights that we currently have no conception about.  

Physically we exist in very dense fields of energy, and the world we consciously inhabit seems to be a huge, singular, very solid universe – but there are millions of them. Millions of universes just like the one we are living in. Seems difficult to rap our minds around this, but remember this is a computer program and these universes are simulations. Of course, we – as physical entities – fit nicely into the program. But we are more than a body, we are a series of intangible states of awareness, all connected via this mighty consciousness technology. There are many many layers of us, inhabiting many simulated worlds. Most people remain unaware of these inner worlds which exist below the normal level of awareness, but this complexity could be a teaching aid because in these various states of awareness, we move into fields of energy that are full of information. When sleeping, we move into non material fields of reality; when dreaming, we inhabit places where we interact with other parts of ourselves; when in meditation we move into a different state of awareness; when illness causes hallucinations or when we ingest psychogenic drugs it is processed on a variety of levels; when we have out of body experiences, or other transcendental states, we move into a multitude of amazing realities. It is my opinion that most of what we experience throughout our various lives is controlled or created by our higher self, and that eventually we will begin to wake up to the truth of who we are and why we are here.

 This understanding allows us to work with consciousness in a new way. If we were able to accept this idea that consciousness could be some type of super- computer we might begin to approach our existence differently. It is through our unique and individual connection to consciousness that the simulation of our reality is created. Each of us experiences a different creation, a different story, and if we can begin to explore this idea then our spiritual journey may speed up. Campbell said that once we realise we are in a virtual reality, then the fear goes, and we become love. I’m not arguing with this, but he surprised me when he made this huge leap from computer simulation to love. To me we are all connected to this overarching, collective consciousness and we are trying to evolve so that we will eventually move into this rarefied field of Love.

Now that I have a better grasp of the multiplicity of realities and what we call our inner-self, I am able to answer a question that has dogged me ever since I heard Kristnamuti claim that all our past lives were being lived right now.  Time has been a mystery that I have struggled to understand because there was never a question that K might be wrong, yet I could not visualise how we were living all our lives at once. Now it is clear. We exist within multiple dimensions. We exist in a variety of virtual realities. Each reality is separate, yet always we are connected to the entire computer stimulation via consciousness. Living concurrent lives has nothing to do with time for this theory explains how we can be living a Roman life in one field of consciousness, living another life in ancient Greece, another in Biblical times, and a 4th in the second world war while all the time existing here as well.

We can no longer consider ourselves as a fixed and solid, living a linear life in a known world. We are powerful creators and this computer simulation allows us to create the reality we chose for it is through consciousness that we are connected to everything and everybody. It’s a perfect system. We draw down into our lives all that we believe we need but of course we make many mistakes so it is obvious that Lester is right when he said we must take responsibility for our choices. Consciousness allows this to happen. Indeed, the only reason for this whole mechanism we call human life is to allow us to create, to experience and to expand. For many, this cycle may have been going on for hundreds of lifetimes. A spiral of experience and creation that eventually leads to a pinnacle where we begin to experience the ultimate tool of creation – love.
















Schumann Resonance

The Schumann Resonances have been monitored for some time now, and up until 2014 they were steady at 7.83hz, which also correlates with our brain’s activity but over the past 3 years this resonance has been increasing dramatically. Why? Is the Earth affecting us, or perhaps the amazing changes in human awareness, which have been taking place over the last decade, might be transforming the planet’s vibration?

Dr Kathy Forti offers some very interesting ideas about the way the frequency of our planet is vibrating at a much higher rate and she suggests that this may allow us to access a deeper level of group memory.

While the Earth’s Schumann resonance is lifting, the Earth magnetic field has been weakening and nobody seems to understand this complex relationship. Then we need to factor in the Sun. It seems our sun’s solar activity is the weakest it has been for a hundred years. One would think that this must have something to do with what is happening here on Earth – and perhaps what is happening to us?

Then I read that during a very positive group meditation on the internet-  which included around 150,000 people, the Schumann Resonance lifted dramatically and even more exciting – this was recorded by a space monitoring station. So, I began to ponder the ramifications of this exploding change. Science was involved and of course, which helps with the attitude of the sceptics reading this blog!

Obviously then our collective state of mind must be affecting the planet. Considering that, as we meditate our brain waves move into the theta state, allowing us to become calmer and more focussed, it would seem that collectively we are contributing to the Earth’s vibratory rate. This observation is made by simply taking what has been scientifically recorded when the state of mind of a large group of people altered and how it affected the planet.  Going one step further, it would seem that we humans – on mass – are moving through a radical change which is being reflected by the amazing response by the Earth’s resonances. In an odd way, this supports the notion that collectively we are in the middle of a mighty shift in consciousness.

This is where I read about the group meditation.

At the moment of the activation, a huge wave of positive plasma swept throughout the solar system and then through the ionosphere, causing the Schumann resonances to explode.