Love is Life

I am sick, and have just had an insight into how we live. Each atom in our body is alive because it is loved. Maybe I should say that life only exists because love creates it. This creative force we know as love keeps our bodies alive. I just experienced the wonder of this. I realised that the body dies when love is switched off, and control of this switching process is part of the duty of our greater self.  I felt it. I knew it. In this sublime moment, I actually experienced it.  We are constantly loved. That’s all there is. That’s all there can be because love is life. When the body is switched off we are released. Within this vehicle that we live in whilst in this dimension love is constantly creating us, and when this stops, we move back into a greater self. I did not see what happens after that. What I began to understand is how we function in this dimension. When this created force is switched off and we are released it need not be the end of life in this physical state, the loving force can be switched back on – this is when people experience NDEs. The creative love that powers the body switches off, but it returns if other decisions are made and the entity wants to return to this dimension. This whole process is created by love. Love is the force that creates life. I know I could say that love is the Divine Source – the power that some people call God – but to me, as I experienced it, love was what was and is creating me – is creating all of us all of the time. This loving force only stops when the body dies. To be in contact with this loving power is amazing. I felt it briefly as I had this insight and all the discomfort I was feeling melted away. I also felt a change take place internally for as I was having this insight I simply let go. I felt myself let go of the need to cling to life, so I now realise that when some people struggle against death there is some mechanism within the body that is operating to support the human emotional need to stay alive. When I let go I felt relief. As I write this I am still feeling very uncomfortable, but I am pleased to have been able to write it down.