More About Time

In the past time travel was the stuff of science fiction, but when we listen to Dr David Anderson and we are told that time can be controlled, suddenly reality takes on a different hue. Miraculously the concept of time seems to widen forcing some of us to start asking questions about our reality.

Dr Anderson and his team have been working on their project to control time for many years, and have developed some remarkable technology where they can speed up or slow down time. They have created a time-field structure within a type of generator and this technology has the capability of moving an object into the future or backwards into the past. The result of one extraordinary experiment makes one gasp in amazement. They placed a living flower in this controlled field and dialed it back so the flower reverted to when it was just a bud. That experiment – done quite a few years ago – was successful even though the flower died, but one does wonder if by now Dr Anderson has been able to perfect that technology?

To be able to control the movement of time smashes into one of our strongest beliefs. For those able to accept this new concept, immediately they must begin to question society’s entire blueprint of reality. This is huge! The structure of our reality is underpinned by linear time; by past present and future; by the knowledge that we move through life, from childhood to death in a linear, quantifiable, measurable state. To have this understanding wiped away by experiments that show how time can be controlled must pose the question – what is the makeup of this reality we believe we are living in? It is interesting, that in all the interviews and conversations I have researched, nobody has asked whether this world we are living in real and solid, or is it just an illusion? What is life? Who are we and how do we really function? For me, all these questions come into play as soon as we accept that time is not what we thought it was. If they have already taken a flower back to the time to when it was a small bud, then what does that say about the environment we thought we lived in? These are profound questions that need to be answered – then we come to a new stumbling block!  If time can be manipulated then what is it? What is time? Like much of the phenomena we consider as vital to life in this dimension, the experts do not know. Science cannot define time even though it dominates our lives.

Most of the internet interviews concentrate on the mechanics of controlling time. They seem very concerned about how travelling back into the past might adversely affect the present; they are investigating parallel universes; they claim that time is gravity controlled; they even understand how space/time is being twisted by the spin of the earth, talking excitedly about how to tap into the massive energy field, yet nobody seems disturbed by the basic finding that time is not a solid safe three-dimensional constant – that there is no fabric they call time.

This is where my focus lies – how to cope with our shattered beliefs as we try to deal with this flimsy, tenuous state we once thought was the main base of our material world. In our society, most of us have never questioned time, believing it is like a fast-flowing river, always moving forward in a linear way – but some Eastern cultures may not suffer such disbelief for they have been taught that time is cyclical, that what goes around comes around. Nevertheless, for us, inexplicably we are faced with the knowledge that it is possible to create a field of time, hold it in a sort of a box and dial up the past, or the future. It seems crazy. It challenges everything we believe in, so unless we can establish some sort of order here our place in this mysterious system might appear dangerously unstable to many people. Unlocking such a strong belief system is a challenge, although I am sure the coming generations will take it in their stride.

With this in mind, let’s examine a more esoteric tangle of knowledge. It has been said that the continuity of time is an illusion, that time does not flow, it jumps from moment to moment, like the action of a moving film. Time flickers from frame to frame, as John Wren Lewis explained after his near-death experience. He was in a state of ecstasy as he realised his world was being renewed every second. It was as if life came in spurts, now and now and now. This wondrous experience seems to fit with other research that tells us that our life pulsates, it does not flow; that with each beat we are in a new present moment; that with each pulsation the body, which is holding us in this dimension, is reformed in another time.  This explanation helps show us how they can control time, for if each moment is a separate charge of energy then creating a field within an apparatus or time machine is not a mystery.

But let’s return to this idea of being reformed as we continually appear in a new time – this explains how instantaneous healing can take place, but it also reveals the powerful influence of our sub conscious mind.  It is here in this enormous reservoir of beliefs and automatic functions that our main operating system can be found.  It takes effort, intent and focus to make any changes to our internal robot, thus, with each new moment our subconscious simply retains the old identity. The renewed self is the exact reflection of the last self, and it is so seamless that it appears as if our life simply flows from one moment to the next. If we are suffering in any way, that also continues until some outside event alters the pattern. Miraculous healings are taking place all the time, despite the disclaimers of the medical profession, because there is something much more sublime at work.  It is a spiritual force that over-rides the subconscious bringing about the changes needed to heal the body. Unfortunately, by saying this we must also confront the scepticism of the uninformed.

I have been playing with these ideas for years, knowing that although I am not my body I do have the ability to heal this physical vessel. But although I nurture the body and lift my frequency levels, I know there is something more I need to draw in – and this is the exquisite force field of divine, intelligent energy. Indeed it has been my search for this miraculous intervention that has caused me to look at time; to look at the illusion we are living in, and to come to understand that we are non-material beings alive in bodies of matter, living in a hologram, where time, space, spin, geometry, gravity, fractal energy and much more is helping to keep this entire three dimensional  system operating.





Dr Robert Lanza

In the book by Dr Robert Lanza, ‘Biocentrism’ he expertly explains his findings about human death, demonstrating how life and consciousness are keys to understanding the nature of the universe. His theory implies what many of us already know – that death of consciousness does not and cannot exist. Intelligence, imagination and intuition are part of consciousness and has very little to do with the workings of the human body. Consciousness is a fundamental expression of life, so does not die when the body dies, but most people in our western society cannot accept this. In his book Dr Lana explains that the problem lies with our conditioned belief that we –  as a living intelligence – will disappear when our body dies. Of course, many of us know this is nonsense so it is helpful to see that science is now researching this vital aspect of human life. Quote: Lanza points to the structure of the universe itself, and that the laws, forces, and constants of the universe appear to be fine-tuned for life, implying intelligence existed prior to matter.  He also claims that space and time are not objects or things, but rather tools of our animal understanding.  Lanza says that we carry space and time around with us “like turtles with shells.” meaning that when the shell comes off (space and time), we still exist. He is able to state scientifically that intelligence existed before matter and I find this one of the most important statements any man of science has ever made!

Most people reading this blog will already have a profound understanding of illusion of death, but I find a high percentage of the folk around me are embarrassed if I dare mention this subject. The effort it takes when I try to explain to someone who doesn’t want to listen is so overwhelming I hardly ever try these days. This is why I am so excited about Dr Lanz’s research. People feel safe if they know radical new thought is couched in scientific reasoning. It’s as though science is giving them a type of religious support allowing them to at least consider such findings.

I am not a Buddhist, but I know that in Buddhism, these concepts are completely understood and accepted, but here in the west Christianity has dragged us down another path. The conditioning manufactured by our Jewish-Christian society has wrapped us in dogma, using a dangerous process to separate us from who we truly are. And when one is drenched in this misinformation it is hard to accept such an alternative outlook. This is why Dr Robert Lana is to be congratulated.






Our consciousness helps to confirm the structure of time in this dimension because in our ordinary day to day world time is linear. It feels real and it moves in cycles, so it is suggested by a few wise thinkers that maybe the events of the past roll around again and again but in a different guise each time. Some people are beginning to compare the similarities of various historical ages and events. Their investigations do need to be considered; for instance the Roman era is being compared to present day North America, and such strong personalities as the Mongolian leader, Genghis Khan  are being compared to people living in our timeline – maybe Hitler? If this cyclical movement of time exists then much of our present day perceptions of how society evolves will need to be upgraded.  Also science has discovered a strange switching on and off effect , experienced at a quantum level where molecules seem to move backward and forwards, in and out of third dimensional time This pulsing on/off has been described by one person – who had a near death experience – as if one was being continually created. Each second he felt he was renewed, refreshed, a new self, separate from the one before. He said he felt as if he was being created now and now and now. So it would seem at a very tiny, quantum level we – as energy – are fluctuating in and out of this reality. If in an altered state one can become aware of this then one would have the opportunity to perceive dimensional time and reality quite differently. The mechanics of time are also being influenced by the moon. Here is another dominant factor in time and space. The moon holds a great influence over all life on this planet, especially mankind. We have always known how the moon dominates such actions as the movement of tides, of a woman’s menstrual cycles and the tilt of the earth but these days much more is being reported about the role of the moon. Although this is not the place for such explorations, we need to be aware  that outside influences such as the moon can act upon what we consider reality. The fact that the illusion of  time plays such a controlling factor in our world immediately warns us that we have come up against an intrinsic part of the dream, for outside of this reality the time/space continuum does not exist. If we lift our vibratory rate we can influence our awareness of such matters. Many of those who have raised their frequency have discovered that as they move beyond of this dimensional timeline their awareness of who they are and how this present life fits into the wider picture of their lives becomes clearer. So at this level of solid existence, where time is linear and we are controlled by the mechanics of the hologram. Nevertheless all actions, events, emotional situations etc. exist only as  probabilities in this third dimensional reality. Things are not as they seem. The passage of ‘linear’ time has brought us where we are today. But Hinduism views the concept of time in a different way, and there is a cosmic perspective to it. Hindus believe the process of creation moves in cycles and that each cycle has four great epochs of time, namely Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga and Kali Yuga,  and because the process of creation is cyclical and never ending – which brings us back to the beginning of this dialogue.