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Lyn is a writer, potter, artist and teacher. She has written four books, all of which have been accepted by Ozark Publishing.

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In Book 1 - the story begins in the remote Kimberley Ranges in northwest Australia, centering around an ancient kingdom slightly offset from Earth's frequency, struggling to deal with a prophecy that warns of the coming of a young Earthling whose mission is to realign the two realities before the predicted planetary upheavals. 

Rod Oaken is the teenager who accidentally stumbles into this hidden realm and through a series of adventures he learns how to communicate telepathically with Nature, he comes to understand the mysteries of this remote but very advanced kingdom. Eventually, he accepts his vital role in the time-honored prophecies. 

In Book 2 - the authorities try to find and destroy the ancient kingdom while a group of young Earthlings who now support this off-planet civilization, find themselves in a protective role, guarding the leader of the kingdom, and giving aid to an old professor who has discovered a powder that will benefit mankind.

In Book 3 - the kingdom has been destroyed and the Earthlings try to help their friends search for a new homeland. Through a series of adventures, deaths, and, escapes, the group eventually discover an inner-earth mystical city. 

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If you wish, you can contact Lyn. Explore some of her philosophical ideas and artwork.

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Lyn Willmott is an experienced writer, with four books published by Ozark Publishing.

Originally Lyn gained a degree in Ceramic Design, creating her own pottery in South Gippsland. Then later she ran the education dept of a prison farm for five years, before starting her present journey into the world of writing, 

The first book of her science fiction trilogy - Beyond All Boundaries: Parallel Worlds - was released in April 2021 but only on Kindle. The actual book release is Sept first, 2021.

The second book of the trilogy, 'Beyond All Boundaries: United World ' will be released on Nov1st 2021

Lyn has also written a guide to healing emotional trauma. Titled 'A Small Book of Comfort' it encourages those suffering pain of all kinds to go within by opening their hearts.

This practice - opening one's heart - is central to everything in Lyn's world as it supports her effort to live a

compassionate, empathetic life.

If you are interested in concepts relating to who we humans really are, or how Consciousness works, log onto Lyn's  Small Book of Comfort Facebook page:

To reach Lyn email:

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