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Moving Into The Silence

The dream state that Lester Levenson alludes to, does not stop simply because one has recognised the complicated processes of living in this third dimension. Once ‘the powers fell upon him’ as Lester described – meaning his conscious state was no longer like most physical beings – he still remained in isolation for another two […]

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Crashing out of The Dream

I began the last blog by listing Lester’s 3 points of understanding 1 We are responsible for our reality; for our entire life 2 Love is everything 3 Our lives are locked into The Dream. No matter how much we suffer none of this is actually real. As I wrote this I knew intellectually I […]

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Lester Levenson over 6 years

New research is claiming that life creates the universe instead of the other way around. This revolutionary statement is being made by proponents of a new arm of biology – Biocentrism. The research emerging from this new discipline takes a refreshing view of life, time, space, and death. Although this scientific proposal has nothing to […]

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Nothing is Solid

Here is reminder of what I realised in the last blog – that our life form is being constantly renewed with every breath as the life force within it oscillates into the next probability. Each new body is an exact copy of the last, and if we are hurt or are ill when our life […]

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Self Healing

Monday 27th Oct 2014 I have an indefinable feeling that something wonderfully mysterious and remote is at play when we heal – but it is almost beyond my capability to find words to convey what I only vaguely understand . Last night I received pieces of images, like floating cut-outs of something so deeply hidden […]

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Unconditional Love

During the past thirty years I have had spontaneous visualisations which appear to be similar to Shamanistic journeys, offering symbolic meanings and profound messages. Often they open up when I am centred on some part of my body. This latest insight occurred earlier this year whilst I was trying to cope with light after the […]

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The Sacredness of Sexuality.

Sexual arousal originates in the brain, so can the power of these energy patterns- which continue to support the co-creation of our species – also assist us to become more spiritually aware? Implicit in this question is the suggestion that sexual arousal is part of the human mystery which will eventually lead to individual enlightenment […]

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Welcome to my new Metaphysical blog

For the past thirty years I have been investigating what society considered to be reality, and with the insight gained from quantum physics I now feel confident to begin sharing some of the  knowledge, understanding and perceptions I have been privileges to experience as part of my journey.

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