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All Probable Worlds Exist Now

The other night I caught hold of a fragment of an insight which I am finding very hard to process because it challenges everything I know and believe. It seems that this reality is made up of thousands of probabilities, but how to keep these ideas real when the concept seems so bizarre? Indeed I […]

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The Raising of Collective Consciousness

Over the past week most countries in the world have shown horrific TV images of the mass exodus of the Middle East’s displaced people. PTB have done this. Through the planned destruction of many countries in the Middle East, Zionist forces – hiding behind the cover of the USA – appeared to have achieved their […]

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What Will September Bring

For years I have avoided writing about off-world-intelligences. I have never had any contact with ETs and therefore I felt I did not have the right to talk about this phenomena, but lately I have come in contact with a sensitive, intelligent woman who has no doubt that she has been given important information about […]

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Time and Space are 1

This is from Lynne McTaggett: quantum mechanics seems to be bending the laws of cause and effect… entanglement in time puts space and time on an equal footing in quantum theory… Brukner’s result suggests that we might be missing something important in our understanding of how the world works….end quote We are all missing a […]

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I Don’t Know How I know What I Know

Below is what I seem to know! I have no idea how or why this information has suddenly become so demanding. I guess I have always had this knowledge but in the past it was so vague I paid little attention, but over the past few weeks an urgency has been pushing at me. It […]

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Legacy of 2012

For years many of us have pushed on through both inner confusion and external difficulty, trying to reach a place within that is all-expansive, peaceful and loving. Indeed I am sure many of us would refuse to walk this spiritual path without an absolute knowing that the state of Nirvana is a reality. So we […]

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Unconditional Love Flowering in Some Children

What I realised as I read about these NDA changes is that if these new humans are able to do as Gregg Bradon says and with their minds see unity in everything; are connected to their heart centre; that have stepped out of polarity with the rest of humanity so they no longer make any […]

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DNA Changes Mean Changes To Human Consciousness

It is thought that from early-man humans have always had one double helix of DNA, but now science has found that more strands forming in some children. Our double helix has two spiralling strands of DNA but it is apparent that over the last decade – maybe longer – life on this planet is changing. […]

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Thought as the Greatest Tool of Humanity

Synchronicity is giving me more stuff to mull over for I have just read an article by Khartika Goe (also know as Khartika Gunawan) in the April/May 2013 edition of Nexus magazine. She travels inter-dimensionally – like Robert Munroe – and has been told that thought is the greatest force of creation ever given to […]

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Reality Within The Morphic Field of Information

I have been trying to get to grips with what Lester Levenson called the dream we live in and if I consider dreaming in general I really do not understand what happens when we close our eyes. What is sleep? What is dreaming? While asleep the reality of the dream-scape often is so strange it […]

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